Frequently asked questions

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions total 90 minutes. 30 minutes of structured learning, but not so structured that you feel made to do this and that; followed by 60 minutes of eating, unstructured play and time to chat.

What do I bring?

Bring a water bottle for your child. The rest is supplied. If your child has allergies, while most groups will cater the ‘eating’ by way of fruit and rice crackers, they cannot guarantee there won’t be cross contamination with gluten, dairy or eggs. We've asked all groups to refrain from serving peanuts or using peanuts in take home gifts. Check when you call to find out the time and cost details as to what the local group already caters for. We encourage you to take an alternative snack. We know it’s difficult for children to see others with food they're not allowed – help your child overcome this in preparation for social situations and school. Allergies, as with disabilities, are one of those things our children have to learn about – life isn't always fair and isn't always going to be fair.

When can we start?

Any time in the year. You’re not coming ‘part way’ into a curriculum.

Do I have to join a roster or rota?

Not as a rule. Some groups run short on volunteer help from time to time and value the input of grown-ups in these moments. Some people love to share their baked goods and offer to contribute a cake, cookies or biscuits. That’s really up to you!

How much does a session cost?

Each mainly music operates independently with a group of dedicated volunteers bringing fun for your family. Most mainly music sessions cost about the same as ONE Happy Meal for ONE family. Try feeding your family on one Happy Meal! Sessions represent great value.

Can I bring children I care for during the day?

The simple answer is yes. However there is a limit to this. We ask that carers limit children they bring to a maximum of two. This is because the session is primarily for parents or grandparents and children. If you care for more than two children, we encourage you to subscribe to our on-line mainly music sessions and run this at your home. Each group is autonomous so we suggest you make contact, by phone, to ascertain whether they have an alternative policy or run with the limit.

Can we film sessions or take photos, post to social media?

We know everyone loves to get those special shots of their child. Whether its footage or a photo, please check with the Session Facilitator before you start (if the session has started, you'll need to wait until the next week). Some children are in care and cannot be photographed; some parents are in vocations where it is dangerous for their child to be featured in social media. Please note that music and books are copyright and therefore filming more than a small portion of a song, rhyme or story could constitute a breach of copyright – you’re allowed to film 10% which amounts to around 20 seconds. Thanks for helping us in this situation.

What age should I start my child?

In mainly music, you can start your child from birth! Seriously, if you need to get out of the house – come!!! Once your baby becomes more interested (or even is awake!) during the sessions, bounce, swing and sway your baby, move their hands to the movements. Bring a blanket so baby can lie down on the floor while you move props above their head or while on their tummy, in front of them. And once the baby becomes a toddler, they'll be keen to participate.

In mainly play, again, you can come and join in. Your baby will appreciate the noise, the stimulation, and you’ll find the coffee and cake, along with the conversation, enjoyable. It’s amazing to realise that babies don’t stay little for long. And before you know it, your child will be keen to participate in the activities.

Can I bring my older home-schooled children?

Both mainly music and mainly play are designed for families with under five-to-six year old children. Having children attend who are out of this age group may be disruptive, purely because they become bored. If your children learn like this, it is recommended they join another family in a similar learning environment or bring lesson material that can be worked on in another room of the building along with their own snacks.

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