Toddler group - Easter pack

Toddler group - Easter pack


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Are you wondering how to bring the MESSAGE of Easter into your faith-based toddler group? 

Using the story of The Good Sheep Farmer, a story modelled on Psalm 23 reminding us just how much The Good Sheep Farmer loves His sheep, this package provides you with THREE sessions and two songs. Each session plan includes prompts for Mat Time and the Craft Activity, along with some suggestions for volunteer team faith engagement. The pack contains two copies of the book. 

The Good Sheep Farmer: In each of the three weeks, read the story to the children. You can purchase more books – the books are currently discounted to £3 each.

Pack includes a downloadable folder (which is available after purchase) and two books that will come to your door soon after. 

  • Session Plans for three sessions plus three simple activities (PDF in downloadable folder)
  • The song, Skinnimarinki (mp3 in downloadable folder)
  • The song, Old MacDonald (mp3 in downloadable folder)
Two copies of the book, The Good Sheep Farmer (coming in a package to you)
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